- Science

Secondary Science at BSJ

Science is everywhere!  It continues to be in the news and shapes our lives irrevocably. At BSJ the Science Curriculum consciously embraces this belief. Whether it involves burning food to understand its nutritional value or investigating air rockets, the range of activities used in our curriculum reflect the rich diversity of Science in the real world.

The Science Faculty is committed to providing students with a broad and balanced 'British style' curriculum of the highest quality. We provide students with a strong foundation in all aspects of Science by utilising the very latest developments in Learning and Teaching so that they all have a successful ‘learning journey’. Students will become scientifically literate, independent learners who are able to acquire knowledge and understand scientific processes. This will give them the confidence and skills to make informed decisions and solve scientific problems


All students in Years 7, 8 and 9 broadly follow the KS3 National Curriculum, which has been tailored to our international needs. The Programme of Study followed is that recommended by the former Qualification Assessment Authority (QCA), but adapted to suit the particular requirements of our students.

The course is taught as an integrated subject and provides a thorough, experimentally based approach to understanding basic scientific concepts and their application in the modern world. Student progress is assessed with summative tests and on-going classroom based formative assessments to aid learning.

In Years 10 and 11 all students are offered the opportunity to follow the EDEXCEL IGCSE in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The key areas of knowledge, understanding and application are addressed, with a strong emphasis on investigative, practical work. At the end of Year 11 all students sit a final examination in each of the three subject areas. The IGCSE is a strong platform for IB Science studies.

Post-16, students take their scientific interests further in the IB programme. Students can specialise in one or two Sciences by taking courses in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics at Standard or Higher Level. Students may also opt to take the Standard Level, transdisciplinary course of Environmental Systems and Societies. Students are taught by effective subject specialists through varied and stimulating methods from practical based investigation through to computer modelling. Coursework plays an important role in the courses and builds on the investigative skills for KS3 and KS4. The students also work together on a group 4 project to develop their group work skills and collegiality. Whatever a student’s interests in Science we aim to stimulate a love of learning and develop each as a successful individual.