- Modern and Foreign Languages

At BSJ we believe that a language will help equip our students with the ability to communicate in an increasingly global community whilst providing an insight into different cultural backgrounds. As such, a wide range of MFL are offered: French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Indonesian and Mandarin. All students are taught languages in mixed ability groups.

At Key Stage 4, students select one language from all of those available in Key Stage 3, however, some students elect to study two. At (I)GCSE Indonesian may be studied either as Indonesian Native Speaker or Indonesian MFL one of the key differences being the inclusion of Indonesian literature within the Native Speaker Indonesian course. 

Students can use also BSJ as an examination centre if they wish to take an IGCSE or A-Level in a language not taught within the school.

At IB Level, all students select an additional language. There are three choices:

Language A: This course is for bi-lingual Korean or Indonesian students (Bi-Lingual Diploma)

Language B: This course is for students who have already studied the subject for a certain amount of time, generally to (I)GCSE Level. In some cases, students who have oral proficiency in a language yet have not received any formal instruction in the language may be advised to select this option. Language options available are French, German, Indonesian, Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin.

Ab Initio: This course is available as a language acquisition course for students with little or no experience of the language. Currently Spanish and Japanese Ab Initio are offered.