Students are offered many varied learning opportunities through their particpation in visits, as delegates and via their membership of Sports teams.

Examples of Curriculum Focus day visits include:

  • Junior student visits to Pizza Express and the Toyota workshop
  • Year 3 to 5 students visits to local museums and Taman Mini exploring  Indonesian Cultural Villages
  • Year 9 French language exchange visits with the French School in Jakarta

IB Geography River Study

  • Year 12 IB Environmental Systems  and Societies visit, recycling and local school visit

Examples of Curriculum Focus overseas visits include:

 FOBISIA MUN (Model United Nations), Brunei, January 2014

  • Secondary SEAMC Mathematics Competition, Ho Chi Minh, February 2014
  • SEASAC Arts, Singapore, February 2014
  • Primary FOBISIA Mathematics Competition, Kuala Lumpur, March 2014
  • Primary FOBISIA Music Festival, Kuala Lumpur, March 2014
  • Modern Foreign Languages visit to Japan, April 2014
  • National History Day Competition, Washington DC, June 2014


Examples of Year Group Residentials incorporating Curriculum, Team Building and personal development in Indonesia include:                                  

  • Year 4 Tropical Rainforest visit to the Bogor Botanical Gardens
  • Year 5 Eco Tourism Project in Sentul
  • Year 7 Team Building and cultural activities at Lido Lakes Resort
  • Year 9 Community Service Project at YUM Farm
  • Year 12 IB ‘Group 4’ Project at Pramuka Island

Examples of Overseas Sports Trips

  • Primary and Secondary FOBISIA Games hosted by FOBISIA schools
  • Phuket Football
  • SEASAC (Senior Boys and Girls) Sports competitions (Basketball, Badminton, Football, Rugby, Touch Rugby, Swimming, Tennis and Volleyball)

The International Award (Duke of Edinburgh)

  • Most Bronze and Silver level expeditions are held locally though Silver qualifying trips can include the ascent of (Mt) Bromo with the Gold group.
  • Gold level qualifying trips have included the Bibbleman Trail, Western Australia, 2012 and the Annapurna Trail, Nepal 2013.