Living Wall for Rachel House

In October, Year 12 student Michelle ran a head-shaving campaign to raise money for Rachel House, a charity that provides home-based palliative care for children from the marginalised communities living with cancer or HIV.

The campaign coincided with the 11th anniversary of Rachel House, which marked the occasion with a Living Wall installation at CITOS mall. Visitors were invited to reflect on what they would do if they had one more day to live, and to write their conclusions on one of five giant walls. Over 1600 people took part.

Inspired by the loss of her grandmother to cancer, Michelle shaved her head in front of a live audience at the installation, to show solidarity with children who lose their hair to life-limiting illnesses. She aims to raise 85,000,000Rp for the charity, as well as awareness of their work and cancer care more generally. Her greatest goal, she says, is to encourage 'people to take a moment out of other unnecessary things in life and to...feel for those affected with cancer'.

Indonesian personalities such as Andien Aisyah, Kelly Tandiono, Joko Anwar and Satria Muda also lent their voices to raise public awareness of these children's plight. Says Michelle, ‘I believe inspiring has a domino effect...One person can inspire someone else, and then that person can inspire another person and another and so on and so forth, until we have a large community that are inspiring people'.