All Jakarta Honor Orchestra

Founded in 2012, All Jakarta Honor Orchestra (AJHO) is a music festival for selected students from schools and institutions around Jakarta, who meet and rehearse for one day and perform a final concert together.

This year, in early November, AJHO was hosted at BSJ. There were three age groups: Petit, for ages eight to 10, with around 25 participants; Junior, for ages 11 to 14, with around 80; and Senior, for ages 15 to 18 (also with 80).

The aim of the festival is for participants to experience performing in a large string orchestra and to make new friendships through music. The students gain motivation and improve their music skills, while their teachers find enrichment for their own music programmes and curriculum back at school.

This year's guest conductor for the Senior Orchestra was Mr Chan Tze Law, Vice-Dean of Yong Siaw Toh Conservatory at the National University of Singapore and Music Director of Singapore's Metropolitan Festival Orchestra.