Random Acts of Kindness Week

Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) week is a five-day celebration dedicated to encouraging staff, students and the wider BSJ community to do one thing: be kind.

The goal of this initiative is to make kindness the standard in every aspect of life - whether it's helping a stranger in need on your way to work, instilling the importance of kindness in the classroom, or demonstrating our appreciation of those closest to us.

In essence, we wish to make kindness not an act but a reflex; something overwhelming and undeniable that is felt everywhere.

During RAK week, several activities helped to spread kindness amongst the BSJ community:

  • Secret Friends - On the Monday, all students in Years Three to 13 were given a 'secret friend', for whom they carried out random acts of kindness anonymously, before revealing their identity on the Friday. Some staff took part too.
  • Philosophy for Children - Primary students engaged in a philosophical enquiry that was based on a stimulus related to RAK Week.
  • RAK Mission - Staff and students received a daily kindness mission, the outcomes of which, if they chose to accept, they were asked to publicise via the hashtag #BSJRAK.
  • Mystery Messenger - An anonymous student opened an RAK email account, to which staff and students could send anonymous messages of kindness, for onward communication to the intended recipient.
  • Share the Love - Random acts of kindness were shared via the hashtags #BSJRAK and #BSJbytes, and then projected on digital screens around the campus .