Crazy Hair Day and Disco

In late March, BSJ's 'Hair For You' project organised a Crazy Hair Day and Disco for older Primary students, to fundraise for a pediatric intensive care unit at the Dharmais Cancer Hospital (a first in Indonesia).

On the day, Primary students were able to come to School with a wacky hairstyle of their choice. They also enjoyed a disco. The 'Hair for You' team sold popcorn, pizza, sweets and drinks at the event, and provided a photobooth for their younger peers to take pictures with their friends.

With the help of the Primary students and many members of staff, the team were able to raise 11,000,000Rp - around US$800. Their aim is to raise 100,000,000Rp (approx. US$7,200) before the end of the school year.

Visit for more information or to make a donation.