BSJ Goes to W. Australia

Round Square regional conferences bring together students of different ages and nationalities from schools that are reasonably close geographically. These conferences provide outstanding personal development opportunities for students, enhancing their social and leadership skills, broadening their intercultural understanding, and helping to forge lifelong friendships.

In mid-April, four Year 10 students attended the Round Square Regional Conference for 15-to-17-Year-Olds, which was hosted by Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School (BCGS) in Gelorup, Western Australia. Here, Year Leader Ms Katie Cheema reports on the group's activities after arriving in Perth:

"It's a long journey into the heart of Western Australia, and we stopped twice along the way. The first stop was the beautiful King's Park, where we saw panoramic views of the city. Skyscrapers and crystal clear water sat side by side. Our second stop was a longer break for lunch at a beautiful harbour. The sky was blue and the air was fresh.

When we finally arrived at BCGS, we settled in, before listening to an introductory talk from staff and Round Square students. We were then divided into four groups (named after different trees found on the BCGS campus) and our Round Square students led some team-building activities.

The next day was all about gaining our bearings in the large campus and making friends. We were again organised into four groups for activities, the aim of which were to build relationships, to move outside of our comfort zones, and to work alongside people with different skills, strengths and weaknesses.

Some of the best activities were sea kayaking alongside dolphins, a treasure hunt in Bunbury city centre, and building a campfire. Whilst sitting around the fire, students and staff alike opened up about our fears for the future, and also about our individual goals. It was so lovely to see students being reflective and honest with one another, and developing a strong bond as a group."