JAAC Badminton Champs

BSJ hosted the Senior JAAC (Jakarta Area Athletic Conference) Badminton Championships in early May, involving approximately 80 athletes from seven local schools: BSJ, Sekolah Pelita Harapan - Lippo Village, Sekolah Pelita Harapan - Kemang Village, ACS Jakarta, Jakarta Intercultural School, UPH College, Global Jaya School.

This competition introduced a new format, with players seeded in singles and doubles, and playing ranked competitions within these seedings. These bouts then gave an overall team score to decide the JAAC champions.

In a fierce day of Badminton, with most players playing seven games, BSJ placed third in boys competition and fifth in girls.

Individual highlights included Year 10 student Sanjieev Malayappan placing second in the second singles, Year 12 student Julian Bongsoikrama placing second in the fourth singles, Year 10 student Rachel Hoetama placing third in the first singles, and Jasmine Nugroho (Year 10) and Alesta Budiman (Year 12) placing second in the first doubles.