Indonesian Week 2018

Indonesian Week is a much-cherished tradition at BSJ. This year, we celebrated the week mid-April, with "Wonderful Indonesia" as the theme.

The entire school community took part, involving themselves in diverse activities celebrating our host nation. These included playing Indonesian games, cooking Indonesian dishes, reading Indonesian stories, decorating the campus with Indonesian-style decorations, learning an Indonesian dance, building a model of Borobudur temple, designing Indonesia-themed t-shirts, and creating an advertisement to promote tourism around the archipelago. Our caterers also provided a delicious Indonesian menu.

The last day of Indonesian Week is always particularly special, as students and staff come to school in Indonesian dress. In our assemblies, ensembles comprised of parents and staff (teaching and non-teaching) performed traditional Indonesian music and dances from Sumatra, Java and Maluku. There were also contributions from students studying Indonesian and Indonesian Studies.

Sampai Tahun Depan!