Devised Drama Delves Deep

Our Year 10 Drama class presented three carefully crafted, imaginative and thought-provoking pieces of original Drama earlier this week, to an audience of supportive teachers, friends and family.

The students have been working on creating these independent projects since March, devising work from a chosen stimulus in order to challenge the audience and explore themes and issues that interest them.

The first piece, Exit This Way, explored the lives of five characters who chose to escape their lives for different reasons, from escaping forced marriage to running away from family conflict. The second piece, 12 Hours A Day, offered a voice to the voiceless, exploring the sad reality of child labour. The third piece, Enough is Enough, was a challenging piece revolving around school shootings in the USA. All three pieces were moving and dramatic.

Their teacher, Ms Fisher, commented: "Not only have [the students] created intelligent, sensitive, mature and creative pieces of theatre, but they have done so with impressive independence for such young theatre-makers. I have been extremely busy with other shows over the last few weeks, so the work the students presented is very much their own and shows how much progress they have made as theatre-makers..."