Campus Developments

It's now two weeks into BSJ's summer holiday and our Campus Team are working hard to complete several major campus refurbishment and upgrading projects before the new year starts.

With the appointment of another University Counsellor, we are extending the Universities and Careers Office, and improving a Music classroom to benefit our Music students. To help everyone contend with Jakarta's tropical weather, we are installing covered walkways along more key transit routes. As part of our commitment to child protection and safeguarding, a privacy screen is being installed between the swimming pool and its adjacent walkways.

The Tuck Shop, a favourite haunt of many students (particularly those in Primary), is being upgraded and expanded, so that we can serve more children at meal and snack times. Two of the recent additions to our sports facilities are being finessed, with toilets for adults and children installed at our artificial football pitch, and the surface of our extended tennis courts reviewed and cleaned.

Perhaps less excitingly - but crucially important - we are also replacing our 20-year-old generator set with an upgraded model, to ensure a more consistent power supply across the entire campus.