Pancake Design Contest

The Fine Dining Table in the Primary School promotes students' good table manners and healthy eating habits.

Seen as 'the place to be' in the Rainbow Café, seats at the Table (with its fine linen and serveware) are awarded to students who compete in the numerous food-related challenges that we hold throughout the year.

In Term Two, coinciding with Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day, students were invited to submit tasty-yet-balanced recipes for pancakes.

Entries included 'The Leaning Tower of Pancakes' (three oatmeal pancakes with one strawberry, one cherry and banana slices on the bottom level), 'Sassy Savory Spinach Pancakes' (pancake batter mixed with oatmeal, spinach and onion, and topped with potato) and 'Fluffy Japanese Pancakes' (pancake batter mixed with raisins and served with caramelized banana, raisins and cinnamon).

The recipes were judged by our Food Parent and Catering Team. Winning entries were made for their designers and presented to them in their classroom each week in Term Three. The winning students also attended a VIP lunch.