David Harkin Wants British School Jakarta Students to Think & Dream Big

Students respond enthusiastically and value the topics of business and entrepreneurship from Harkin’s visit.




British School Jakarta (BSJ) welcomes the New Year with a series of distinguished guest visitors to our 18-hectare campus. After a visit from Professor Mette Boell from MIT and Jane Drake from IB on the second week of January to introduce what they call a “compassionate systems” framework, the school was pleased to host the CEO of 7billion ideas, David Harkin.


This is David’s second visit to BSJ, and this time, he ran a workshop delivered primary and secondary classes, and worked with students and teachers directly to encourage them to devise and develop a world changing idea. 7 Billion Ideas is an award-winning education company, which exists to inspire pupils and teachers to think big and dream big about the possibility of their ideas.


He said, “It was wonderful to meet the students and teachers of BSJ. Over the 3 days at the school I had an opportunity to work with students from the primary and secondary school through a number of assemblies, workshops and lessons. I was made to feel incredibly welcome at the school and I was delighted to be able to inspire and engage with the students. I was impressed with the attitude, creativity and the level of innovation from the students from every aspect of the school.”


Harkin’s visit also brought excitement from students who return to school this month, after the New Year’s holiday.


Pandji Gunawan, Year Six student, said: “My favorite part is when David Harkin came to our pod. Everyone gathered up and talked about ideas that can maybe come true. We had to pick our self a group of 3 or 4 and create a thing. We also had to name our company name. We tried to make a non-CO2 jetpack, which was kinda OK. This week is the best.”


Scott Niehorster, primary teacher said: “He came in to my class and encouraged the children to think of ideas which they think could change the world. Some of the ideas the children created were: a credit card with GPS locator, an automatic hairbrush, office furniture which can convert into a car, a pair of goggles which can find anything you have touched and many more. The students were really engaged and it was great to see their creativity.”


At the end of his visit, David asked the students to always think big and dream big about the possibilities of ideas. He said, “Every student at the school has the potential to come up with ideas and solutions to change the world and my advice is that you don't have to wait, get started straight away.“