Elizabeth Jarman visited BSJ



Participants of the two day Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Conference and Job Alike Workshops (JAWS) consulted with her on creating optimal learning environments in their schools

British School Jakarta (BSJ) had the privilege to welcome Elizabeth Jarman, founder of the Communication Friendly Spaces™  (CFS™) Approach. Jarman was the keynote speaker at the BSJ Learning Environments Conference and JAWS.

She is a strong believer that learning environments should be dynamic and a reflection of organisational culture and aspirations. She said, “It is critical to understand how the physical space should connect with its intention. I think it’s essential to tune into the environment from the learner’s perspective. To do this, it is really important to observe, reflect and then make informed decisions about the way that children and families interact with the environment if a developmentally appropriate, personalised, responsive learning space is to develop, reflecting preferred contexts for learning.”

Jarman shared how the latest research into brain development, physicality and learning, skills acquisition and interpersonal connectivity has helped her work in creating highly effective and intellectually active spaces.  She works with architects and educators around the world to help learners thrive and succeed in environments that are communication friendly and designed with intention. She added, “Nurturing on a going attitude and culture of action research is key.”


Through this conference, participants were encouraged to reflect on their shared understanding of the CFS™ model and to explore ways forward in their own schools. Participants also shared their own work in learning environments. As Jarman highlighted, a collaboration between teachers, educators, and families is crucial in creating optimum conditions for learning and engagement.


BSJ primary staff had the chance to work closely with Elizabeth to look at how we can further enhance our learning spaces at BSJ. Parents also had a chance to come into school to hear Elizabeth speak - a well attended and very enlightening presentation. Deputy Head of Primary, Ian Hope said “Her work on the design of the built environment to support learning is very good. This should inform what we buy and how we use space so has implications for admissions, marketing, procurement, campus, and finance. It links with a lot of what we are talking about with David Harkin and MYP and large and small school developments.”