Farewell to our Chair of Trustees, Brian Dallamore

British School Jakarta's long-serving Chair of Trustees, Brian Dallamore stepped down from his role in December, last year.

His successor, Peter Phillips, has provided this statement, expressing the appreciation and admiration we at BSJ all feel for Mr Dallamore:

“I will keep this brief but the time has come when we need to recognise the service of an exceptionally committed and hard-working member of the BSJ community. I refer of course to Brian who has not only dedicated a lot of his time and energy to serve the school but has given his heart and soul to the institution.


But let`s go back to 2003. What happened in 2003?


George W Bush made a state visit to the UK.


Mick Jagger was knighted.


SARS broke out and was adopted as a new word (or acronym) into the English language.


England won the Rugby World Cup (sadly).


Brian became chairman of the Council of Trustees.


A momentous year indeed!


In his 15 years in office, he has overseen the development of a first class school culminating in the outstanding results in the last academic year.


During that time he has also led by example and stepped in when needed to keep the school on an even keel. The East Campus project is perhaps the stand out example of Brian`s ability to show leadership and intervene decisively when the occasion demanded it.


His 15 years in the post is, I believe, also a record for a COT chairman – by a country mile!


It must, therefore, be with a mixture of satisfaction (for a job well done), nostalgia and perhaps a slight frisson of apprehension that he hands over the reins. As Scott Elledge once said, “It is time I stepped aside for a less experienced and less able man”.


What is he going to do with the endless hours he has devoted to the school I wonder? As Vince Lombardi once said, “The harder you work the harder it is to surrender”.


Fortunately in Brian`s case, in surrendering the role, he can reflect on a period which he himself has described as personally rewarding. He has also been an inspiration to many people in the BSJ universe and a standard bearer for education and sport in the community. His legacy is remarkable and without parallel.


We, therefore, all salute him for his endeavours and thank him profoundly for all that he has done for the school: we also wish him well in his future professional and family life and I know they will sustain him in the years ahead”.