CIS workshop trains parents on how to deal with a wide range of child protection issues

Parents, teachers, school leaders, and the school external stakeholders attended a joint two-day workshop for child protection at British School Jakarta and Global Jaya School facilitated by Council of International School (CIS) 21-22 March.


This two-day foundation and deep-dive workshop provides them with an overview of key topics relating to child protection and safeguarding within international school communities, enabling school leaders and counselors to build new and strengthen existing child protection and safeguarding systems in schools


A team of child protection experts was at BSJ to educate and support all school stakeholders in preparation for the global implementation of core Accreditation Standards for Child Protection.  


There were also sessions for parents to strengthen the collective commitment between parents and the school on child protection issues.


The parent sessions were delivered by Tim Gerrish, the founder of International Child Protection Advisors (ICPA), Susie March, a CIS affiliated educational consultant and Allison Ochs, an international educational consultant. Key areas of focus are: curriculum and how to discuss sensitive topics with children, the risks facing children, and adolescent’s online lives.


These sessions, also held in BSJ, involve a lot of discussions, and group activities. Many parents asked for suggestions from the experts, and international best practices to handle child protection issues.


“The activities in the parent workshop helped me to priorities issues that concern me and discuss them with parents in a way I wouldn't normally get the opportunity,” Primary Parent


The workshop led by Allison Ochs also received positive feedback from the participants. She offered a variety of unique programs targeting teachers, students and families customized to their needs, giving them the tools they will need to live in harmony with technology. She showed a video on how to help adolescents to stay safe online, and also testimonials from students about how they managed to deal with cyber-bullying.


“The workshop with Allison Ochs made me realise how important it is for me as a parent to take responsibility for my children’s online lives.  It also gave me practical strategies to try out at home,” Secondary Parent.