Don't Stop Me Now: A BSJ Tribute to Queen

No one could stop the 232 students and audience of students past and present and parents from having a good time Thursday night (28 March) as the music department put on a bonanza evening of music. The first half centred around excellent classical musical performances by the BSJ orchestra and the piano soloist from Year 9 - Alicia Melvin who played the Mozart piano concerto with aplomb and control culminating in a rousing rendition of the theme tune to ET.

Then, it was a case of pushing back the seats in the theatre to create a rock concert setting for the Queen Tribute for the duration of the second half.

With students from both Primary & Secondary performing the legendary songs by the rock band Queen, it was a huge celebration of quality singing, playing and dancing from our students. In all there were 9 different songs on the night and even a cameo performance on the drums by Mr. David Butcher (Principal), Mrs. Dineke Spackman (Head of Secondary) and Mr. Shane Nathan (Head of Primary)

We are hugely grateful to the work of two professionals Noel Sullivan and James Bennett who regularly work in plays in the London West End for bringing such energy and quality to the performance. We hope to see them again soon back at British School Jakarta.

See more images at British School Jakarta official instagram account: @britishschooljkt