The 11th FOBISIA Bursars’ and Business Managers’ Conference: “In Quality We Trust”

British School Jakarta was honoured to host the 11th FOBISIA Bursars’ and Business Managers’ Conference which ran from 10 April to 12 April 2019. This was the second time BSJ hosted the conference after establishing the inaugural meeting back in 2008.  It is now an annual event held at different FOBISIA-member schools each year.


The conference saw the presence of 25 registered delegates representing 21 British International Schools from Brunei, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Vietnam and Nepal.


With the theme this year being “In Quality We Trust”, the conference generated a productive discussion around the big question: “How Important is Trust for You”.


Kicking off the proceedings was a presentation by our Principal, David Butcher, on the Unique Selling Points (USP) of our school and the roadmap to future proof BSJ. In his presentation, Mr Butcher emphasised BSJ’s commitment in providing high quality education and preparing students for their future.


Mr Butcher stated, “Skills and professions will start changing in the next ten years. We have to make sure that post-tertiary we can give our students one unique selling point against other students that is distinctive.”


Education faces challenges familiar to the service industry. Our Quality and Performance Improvement Director, Paul Martindale highlighted that quality is always determined by the customer or the end user and not by the provider.


In his presentation, Mr Martindale shared 10 key takeaways for Establishing Quality Frameworks in International Schools and how ISO 21001 is an applicable Management System for Educational Organizations (EOMS).


Over the three days, all participants were actively involved in discussing many issues related to quality.


BSJ’s Business and Operations Director, Kerrie Weippert-Rowe said, “Our aim was to provide a platform for all delegates to share their experiences, challenges and best practice. Fully engaged, the conference returned a raft of concrete examples in everyday work, providing an excellent opportunity to improve the quality of the products, processes and overall business systems delivered in our schools each day.”


It is obvious that every participant came to this conference with the same purpose and that is to promote collaboration.


Meanwhile, BSJ’s Head of Finance, Martin Brillantes stated, "It is both a privilege and an honour to host the 2018/2019 FOBISIA Bursars' and Business Managers' Conference held mainly at BSJ's campus in Bintaro, Tangerang Selatan.  The occasion provided the opportunity for the school to showcase to the conference delegates its sprawling campus with its world-class facilities, supported by a cast of high calibre professionals from Business and Operations. Personally, the conference allowed me to learn from, and share my knowledge and experience with colleagues from other schools thereby fostering camaraderie and trust among the conference participants."


We look forward to experiencing another sharing session and collaborating at the next Bursars’ and Business Managers’ Conference.