Indonesian Week 2019

The entire British School Jakarta community celebrated the week in full enthusiasm

Indonesian Week is a long-held tradition at British School Jakarta (BSJ). One of the most important values we hold at BSJ is the respect we have for our host country and we dedicated this particular week to celebrate wonderful Indonesia.

The week began with the flag raising ceremony on the Admin field. It continued with a series of diverse activities where the entire school community involved themselves in playing Indonesian games, savouring authentic Indonesian food in the cafeteria and food outlets as well as performing Indonesian music and dances.

The last day of Indonesian Week was exceptional as students and staff came to school in Indonesian-themed dress. Indonesia is rich in culture and in our assemblies, students, parents and staff played music and performed traditional dances from many regions of the country. There was also a special music performance by parents during lunchtime.

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved in this year’s Indonesian Week.

Terima kasih!