Developments to Primary Environment

    This term, the Primary School looks forward to some exciting changes coming this summer. Following a review of the learning environment in liaison with Elizabeth Jarman, an expert on developing learning spaces, we will be renovating large sections of Kindergarten to Year Six.


    Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 14.54.11


    Kindergarten will have a new road track installed for our youngest children to develop their gross motor skills while Key Stage One (Year One and Two) will see a huge change in their outdoor spaces with the installation of a new ‘ship themed’ climbing apparatus where the current hill and slide are located to support imaginative play. In addition the main playground in Key Stage One will see a dramatic change with a modern rubberized surface complete with road track that will be further enhanced by two large pieces of apparatus. These slides, climbing frames, tunnels and walkways will sit in the centre of the playground and further support physical development in Key Stage One.



    Meanwhile in Key Stage Two (Years Three to Six the classrooms, art rooms and shared learning areas (or PODS as we refer to them) will see a complete refurbishment. In line with the latest research on how to utilize physical spaces to support and enhance learning, BSJ has worked with a top design team to create spaces that will support different modes of learning and teaching. Flexibility, use of light, colour, soft and hard textures and large and small spaces have been integrated to create spaces that will help develop communication, collaboration, independence and choice.



    Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 15.03.01


    Learners at BSJ can look forward to some wonderful changes coming to the Primary school this summer as part of a master plan to enhance what is an already amazing set of facilities. 2019-20 will also see more developments in other key areas across the school. It is an exciting place to be. It is #morethanaschool.


    Mr Iain Hope

    Deputy Head of Primary 

    British School Jakarta