Primary FOBISIA Games (2019)

On Monday 10th June, British School Jakarta flew to Phuket to compete in this years Primary FOBISIA games. The competition is a multi sports event whereby 10 Boys, 10 Girls from Year 6 and 10 Boys and 10 Girls from Year 5 form a team of 40 pupils. The FOBISIA games saw BSJ pupils compete in Swimming and Athletics on day 1, Tee-ball on day 2 and finally Football on day 3. BSJ were placed in the Red group meaning we joined Dulwich College and Tanglin Trust from Singapore, Alice Smith KL, as well as St. Andrew’s and Harrow from Bangkok.  


An exuberant BSJ team proudly led the opening parade poolside on Day one of the Primary FOBISIA Games. Swimming formed the first half of a grueling day, as the team took to the pool to produce some scintillating performances and a plethora of personal bests. It was the Year 6 girls who took the limelight and dominated the podium in their individual and team events. The four girl relay team, amassing a staggering fourteen of BSJ’s fifteen gold medals. It was also great to see so many of our FOBISIA newcomers enjoying a good deal of success in such a highly competitive environment. The conclusion of the pool events is the traditional ‘Tyre Relay’ and once again this proved to be another highly successful enterprise, as BSJ medalled in all four events ensuring every team member finished the morning with a medal. A great start to what was inevitably going to be a hard fought sporting contest but one in which BSJ demonstrated they were ready to meet the challenges that lie ahead.  


Swimming medal tally : 15 Gold, 12 Silver, 63 Bronze. (4th Overall)


Roof raising rapturous travelling support greeted BSJ as the team arrived at the arena for athletics. As the afternoon unfolded there was plenty to celebrate. The medal announcer echoed BSJ time after time. A continuous stream of medals across track and field for boys and girls. Year 5 girls dominating the 200m and particular success in the javelin and shot put.  A highly notable high jump gold and silver also served to put smiles on faces and afford the customary mid air fist pump. As day one drew to a close and the light faded, more medals followed in the shuttle relays to cap a brilliant first day.


Athletics medal tally: 8 Gold, 29 Silver, 50 Bronze     (3rd Overall)


Day two saw boys and girls, join forces in respective T-Ball teams. This was a round robin competition whereby each school played one another with the school finishing top prevailing as winners, In the A and B Divisions it became clear how only the smallest margins of error could cost so dearly. The slickest, quickest fielding teams would prove so valuable and the constant demand for calm, cool steely nerves was paramount. The A’s and B’s began to find rhythm and consistency leading to some impressive performances, particularly against the Singapore schools with both teams beating Tanglin Trust School. As the teams went into a final game against unbeaten St. Andrew’s teams, the strength of the opposition would prove a bridge too far for BSJ. It was hard to take for BSJ after such progressive play and confidence throughout the day but silver medals were a worthy return for the B team as the A’s narrowly missed out on bronze. The C and D Division teams grew similarly in confidence as the day wore on, and despite early victories, the day seemed to increase in challenge but not without some fantastic batting and fielding and all round teamwork, which will surely add to the confidence factor for future competition.


B Division Runners up


On the final day of competition, everyone’s attention turned to football. The boy’s took centre stage in the morning sun and battled courageously against some excellent footballing teams. The rub of the green didn’t appear to be in BSJ’s favour until the final round of games where both the A and B team scored goals aplenty achieving highly credible wins against teams who would eventually finish in medal positions.


It was the turn of the girls after lunch, as a solid A team made their presence felt notching up hard fought 1-0 wins in their opening games. They were momentarily undone by a long throw into the box by Harrow, that resulted in the only goal they would concede all day. This excellent record was attributable to disciplined defending, some excellent goalkeeping and a persistent attack. Meanwhile a B team of enthusiastic and committed girls, fought nail and tooth for the ball, defending defiantly and attacking with aplomb. Although results didn’t go in BSJ’s favour, this was not truly reflective of the teams endeavours, and it was fitting that they would score a goal they so richly deserved to win their final game. Attention was soon back on the A team with them knowing a win in the final game could lead to the winners podium. Some well taken goals against Alice Smith ensured a 2-0 win meaning the A’s ended unbeaten. The A team were crowned deserved champions much to the delight of supporting parents. This was a great way to finish a hard fought three days of sporting competition and something the girls should be extremely proud of.  


Girls A Division Winners


Following a Gala Dinner celebration of three fantastic sporting days, children had not only accumulated medals and memories but new found friendships, a major premise of the Games themselves that should never be understated. It is long after the bags and equipment have been packed away, that the challenges, efforts and magical moments will be regaled and relived. We are very proud of the efforts of all of our BSJ competitors who battled hard and overcame all challenges they faced during the week. We are also thankful to their parents, for their support and encouragement allowing their children to take advantage of the opportunities the school offers. Thank you and well done to everyone!