Year 13 Collaborative Projects

Tuesday 5 November: our class of 18 IB Theatre students presented their Collaborative Projects to an audience of parents, friends and teachers, who were challenged, inspired and amazed at the level of creativity and professionalism on display.

Day Zero explored the the current climate crisis and the gap between the generations’ concern for our future.

Breathe delved into the pressures of societal expectations and the feeling of being trapped within.

Eyes Closed was designed to be a ‘playground for the senses,’ - an immersive theatre experience, loosely based off the story of Milena Channing, exploring the modular nature of vision she descends into.

All three pieces were unique and created for specific spaces and audience experiences and marked a stunning finish to the collaborative work of the Year 13 students’ theatre journeys. We still have the Higher Level Solo Theatre Pieces to look forward to next term but are impressed by the creativity and attention to detail of this inspiring group.