BSJ Halloween's Spooctacular Event

BSJ Halloween’s event this year was scheduled on 2 November 2019. The groundwork for which had begun a month before. Secondary greens, Raffles greens, Raffles theatre and a few English classes were turned into stunningly scary arenas for various riveting entertainment options. Ranging from kids friendly games to real thrilling haunted house, remarkable photo booth to festive fun activities, various cuisines to different drinks, we had it all covered under one roof. The PTA team pulled out a fantabulous integrated pursuit to make the event a successful one.

Although all the games found lot of visitors, a few turned out to be children’s real favourite. Fun activities included decorating lanterns and spider lollipop. Year 12 students enthusiastically volunteered to do face painting and tattoo activities for children. Amongst various visitors , were also present the exemplarily immaculate students of Sekolah Bisa! who were exclusively welcomed to be a part of our event and have a good time with us. Their happy faces added to our jubilation.

One could see people posing variedly in front of the highly eerie and ominous photo booth. And the costume competition being one of the main highlights, most of the visitors were magnificently dressed in the Halloween’s theme. It was quite a job for the judges to choose the winners. The other very popular spot was the-imperiously chilling Haunted house which did not see the queue stopping until the end of the event. Year 12 students indeed created an intimidating, spine-chilling Haunted house.

And of course, the good food privileges added to the merriment and frolic,always acts as an icing on the cake. Multi cuisine spread outs by various vendors, besides PTA’s Hotdog, cookies and drinks kept people energised and gleeing throughout the evening.

The only low we experienced was the cancellation of the music band performance due to the heavy downpour which started much before the event began. Nevertheless, the rains did not impede people’s exaltation and they could be seen enjoying thoroughly. As the rains subsided eventually, we could perform the fireworks which noticeably was impressive, dazzling and an extravagant visual treat to conclude the event.

PTA’s Halloween event could assume the form of great success only because of the team work of many people. It had more than 60 PTA member volunteers, 25 Year 12 students, 20 scouts and guides, 22 school teachers, marketing team members and the campus event team members working relentlessly for over a month. PTA team extends its wholehearted gratitude and appreciative-ness towards everyone who supported this event.

The Parents Teachers Association (PTA)