Year 2 and Year 3 Exit Point

On Wednesday 5th October Year 2 welcomed their parents to their 'Dream Holiday Island Destination.' In the weeks before, the children had worked incredibly hard to plan, design and make their Dream holiday Islands. The variety of islands on display was most impressive and the parents got to speak to all the creators of the islands about how they would get there, where they might stay, what they might do and what they might eat. Parents then got to sign a visitors book, writing comments about their experiences.

It was a fantastic ending to the 'Hooray! Let's go on Holiday topic!'

To celebrate the end of our amazing IPC topic of Treasure, Year 3 created a working museum. This celebrated our work on Egypt and treasure and included some practical interactive activities. Exhibits included:

  • Art gallery showcasing Year 3 work.
  • Hieroglyphic bookmark making.
  • Take a tour of an ancient tomb.
  • Archaeological dig.
  • Guess the artefact.
  • Model pyramid making.
  • Clay Amulet making
  • Make a Mummy  drama.