Year 6 Fairgrounds Exit Point

Year 6 recently held their fantastic Fairgrounds Exit Point as an end to their excellent term of learning and a fun-filled unit of physics and technology. After visiting a real theme park in Bandung to witness fairground physics in action, Year 6 children returned to school to create their own fairground experience. The result was an incredible Exit Point which the proud Y6 students invited their parents to attend and enjoy.

The Exit point showcased the children's moving model fairground rides, science experiments, sensational poetry, residential recounts, amazing artwork, business projects and Scratch coding. It also provided an opportunity for Year 6 to teach their parents how to use Google Cardboard to experience a virtual reality roller coaster!

Later in the day, younger BSJ students also visited the exhibition and were mesmerised by the magic! It was a wonderful opportunity for the Year 6 students to share their learning with our BSJ community.