Council of International Schools Reaccreditation

Earlier this month, BSJ was reaccredited for the 11th year by the Council of International Schools (CIS).

CIS promotes high-quality international education through, among other things, an accreditation process that is itself approved by the National Association of Independent Schools in the USA.

CIS accreditation evaluates a school against internationally-agreed standards in school philosophy and objectives, teaching and learning, governance and management, faculty and support staff, student support services, facilities and resources, and student and community life.  

Of the 8,000+ international schools in the world, only 450 of those have CIS accreditation.

The accreditation process involves a four-day visit from CIS, 12 to 18 months of self study by the school community, and a week-long visit from 15 evaluators from other CIS schools.  

Accreditation brings our students many benefits:

  • It challenges us to continuously improve what we offer them;
  • It helps us to attract the best teachers;
  • It confers to students a quality mark that is recognised by universities and employers;
  • It connects them with the 500+ universities in CIS’s network, through fairs and an introductions service;
  • It allows us to nominate students who promote global citizenship and international awareness in their communities for a CIS International Student Award.

For more information about what CIS reaccreditation means, visit the ‘CIS Accredited Schools’ section on the CIS website’s parent page.