Success in Maths and Computer Science Competitions

22 students took part in American Math Contest 8. Aaryan Sukhadia (Y9) took first place, Jae Won Choi (Y9) and Woo Jin Chang (Y8), joint second, and Matthew Sigit (Y8), third.

53 students took part in the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Senior (i.e. Years 12 and 13) Maths Challenge, including several from Year 11. 43 students achieved awards (12 Gold, 18 Silver and 13 Bronze), including Elaine Kusuma, Brian Sinambela, Theodore Angkasa and Nicholas Rahardja from Year 11, who each took silver.

Moses Mayer (Y11), Philippe Pangestu (Y13), Seung Hyun Suh (Y13), Subin Cho (Y13), Audrey Simandjaja (Y13) and Arjun Bansal (Y13) qualified to participate in Round 1 of the British Mathematical Olympiad. Moses and Philippe went on to achieve a Distinction, with Moses also achieving a Bronze medal and qualifying for Round 2.

Wysiana Patricia (Y12), Seong Hee Bae (Y12), Simon Daigneault (Y12), Aletta Darmawan (Y12), Jonathan Susilo (Y11), Seong Woo Bae (Y10), Caleb Ledi (Y10), Brian Sinambela (Y11), Dongmin Lee (Y11), Theodore Angkasa (Y11) and Jaewon Choi (Y9) each achieved distinctions in the Canadian Senior and Intermediate Maths Challenge.

Aliff Azlan (Y8) and Moses Mayer (Y11) achieved Distinctions in the Beaver Computing Challenge.