Communication - Friendly Spaces

Communication and language are two of the most important aspects of a young child’s development, and they underpin all of the learning that happens in the Foundation Stage. Speaking, listening and responding to others are the building blocks for every subject, and it is vital that children have many opportunities to develop these skills to become successful lifelong learners.

Part of our job in Foundation Stage is to create an exciting and challenging environment that motivates our students and embeds their thinking and learning. Our resources let us plan spaces with their interests at heart, and our classrooms are always hubs of fun and engaging activity.

To help students’ develop their speaking and listening in a safe and supported way, we focused in Term One on creating communication-friendly spaces. We began by up-skilling our Teaching Assistants, who then planned three inviting and cosy areas within Foundation Stage. After a quick trip to Ikea, they returned with bags filled to the brim with curtains, cushions, rugs and plants. The next few hours were spent hanging mosquito nets from the ceiling and using some of our existing furniture in different ways.

On the following Monday morning, the students couldn’t wait to get inside these new spaces. Once settled in, they were observed instigating and maintaining extended conversations in pairs and groups, as well as undertaking imaginative role-play.

These transformed spaces allow students to communicate in an easy, effective and enjoyable way. Everyone is able to talk, listen, understand, express creative ideas, and develop their play.