Replaced BSJ Furniture Finds a New Home

In February, the School distributed more than 300 tables and chairs that had been replaced in the Primary School to several charitable foundations and schools.

YKAKI provides accommodation, education and temporary shelter for poor children undergoing cancer treatment. SLB Mini Bakti and SLB BC Nur Abadi are schools for children with special needs and, particularly, those who are blind and deaf. Yayasan Vina Smart Era educates people about HIV and cares for children infected with HIV as a result of their parents’ drug use. Yayasan Pendidikan Islam At-Taqwa is an Islamic school for children from kindergarten to high school.

These donations were facilitated by BSJ’s partnerships with expat community groups ANZA (Australia and New Zealand Association), BWA (British Women’s Association), Werkgroup 72 and Die Bruecke Jakarta.