Last Day for Year 13

As Year 13s' time at BSJ drew to a close, their teachers were keen to give them a final week to remember. For some of our students, this was the culmination of a 13-year journey of growing up at BSJ.

The busy preceding period saw the students finishing their IB courses, getting organised for their exams, planning their revision, and administrating their university applications. The activities of their last few days gave them the chance to let off some pre-exam steam and calm their nerves.

The celebrations on Wednesday 26 April began with the presentation of a commemorative bench from Year 13 parents, which now sits in the IB Common Room. This was followed by the planting of five trees in the green space outside the Raffles Theatre by the tutor groups. The students then joined their IB teachers in a "last supper" buffet, before their parade around the School campus. Despite the heavy rain, cheering students and staff lined the walkways, applauding, waving and wishing our leavers well.

A celebration assembly in the Wallace Theatre was the final part of this emotional day. The students reflected on their IB experience, and some were presented with light-hearted awards.

The IB examinations are now in full swing. We wish every member of the Class of 2017 the very best of luck; we will miss them.