'Building a Village' in Sentul

To kick off their new topic, 'Building a Village', Year Five went on a three-day residential trip to Sentul, a rural settlement 50km south of Jakarta.

The children took part in a rich variety of activities designed to connect them with village life, and to develop their respect for the environment and other cultures. A highlight for many was the chance to partake in padi farming, during which they learnt about the rice-farming cycle and the difficulties faced by farmers to produce a successful yield.

The students also enjoyed testing their fitness, viewing the landscape and spotting features of village life on a 5km hill trek. Meeting with the local community allowed them to engage with children of their own age from a very different background. In the local school, the children played icebreaker games, before teaching each other simple phrases in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Another enjoyable activity was taking coffee from harvest to market. The students learnt to identify coffee beans before carrying between them heavy bags to a family homestead, where the hard work really began. They used the hand mill to separate the cherry husk from the coffee bean; dry-roasted the dried beans; ground the roasted beans; and finally boiled and tasted the coffee.

"I really liked the trek on day one, because it was a really active activity, where we had to walk up the mountains. We also needed to work together so we didn't slip, by using the chain. On day three, I loved the 'capture the flag' game because it needs teamwork to capture the flags." - WenRui 5B