Courage, Resilience and Failing Well

In the penultimate week of Term Two, BSJ welcomed the educational author and facilitator, Mr Lance King, to work with parents and students. Mr King is the creator of the Art of Learning programme, which has been delivered to over 180,000 students in 20 countries. He is also the designer of the IB Approaches to Learning Programme, which is being implemented in over 3,000 schools.

Mr King's topics were 'courage, resilience and failing well', all of which are incredibly pertinent in this competitive, ever-changing world. His parent workshop was very well attended, and his approach to supporting students, particularly during the exam years, refreshing and enlightening.

One of Mr King's most important messages was the necessity for self-belief and confidence. He also offered a useful reminder that the most academically successful students have learned how to fail well: they do not shy away from failure but meet it head on - acknowledging that something didn't go well, taking responsibility and trying again.

Groups of students from Years 9, 10 and 12 worked with Mr King on topics related to how we learn, memorise and approach academic challenges positively. Several came away from the session commenting on its usefulness.