Challenge Week

The inclusion of 'challenge' in BSJ's mission drives us to provide new opportunities for students to develop their confidence and skills through activities that require great mental or physical effort.

During Challenge Week in June, the Secondary timetable was transformed to take students out of the comfort of the classroom, and into new experiences with peers of all different ages.

As a primer for the CAS elements of IB, students in Years Seven to 11 (Key Stage 3) were introduced to Service Learning and the business skills required to make community projects a success. These included budgeting, planning, design and persuasion. Each year group also had its own Fun Day, and there was a swimming gala and quiz involving the entire Key Stage.

On other days, students in Years Seven and Eight were able to choose one of 19 courses, which included computer programming, documentary film-making, raft building, cricket, art, batik-making, basketball and contemporary dance.

Forty Year Nine students focused on their leadership skills during training with JUMP!, an experiential youth education provider that delivers programmes addressing issues of leadership and global citizenship. Another 40 became certified first aiders with International SOS, the world's largest medical and travel security services firm. Others learned krav maga (a military self-defense system) and kayaking.

Students in Year 10 were immersed in the world of work through career placements and BSJ's version of business reality game show, 'The Apprentice'. Year 12 students focused mainly on their IB Extended Essays and Theory of Knowledge presentations, assessments in Science and Technology, and applications to university.