Cafeteria & Catering

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Catering Objectives

  • The BSJ Catering Department aims to provide a varied and balanced diet within the school community in order to protect student’s health, promoting proper growth and development.
  • Help children and young people to improve their concentration and fulfil their potential both inside and outside school by encouraging them to have a proper meal during school lunches.
  • Aim to provide varied and high quality meals for school staff community at reasonable prices.

Catering Concept

Infant Meals
Infant students (Kindergarten One and Two, Year One and Year Two) receive daily set lunch menu in their eating areas. Food is served in buffet style.

Menu must be balanced, interesting, colourful and appealing using fresh ingredients. Serving size must be appropriate for the age group (4 to 6 years old ). Food must be cooked adopting healthy cooking method (grilling, roasting, steaming or baking ), low in sodium, minimize deep frying or using oil containing fat or trans fat. Using shortening oil/fat is not permitted.

The set menu should include:

  1. Choice of main course ( fish, chicken or red meat )
  2. Rice, pasta or potato dish to accompany the main course
  3. Side dish such salad or vegetable dish must be available daily.
  4. Vegetarian main course option must be available every day.
  5. Fresh fruits must be served daily
  6. Offer only milk or water
  7. Other items approved by BSJ Food and Beverage Manager

Tuck Shop
07:00 am:  Breakfast on the run
09:50 am - 10:15 am:  Snacks time
12:05 pm - 12.50 pm :  Lunch (take away food: subway & sandwiches, packed lunch, fruits, drinks)


Rainbow Café
Opening hours:

09.50 am - 10:15 pm: Snack time
12.05 pm - 12.50 pm: Lunch

For Year Three up to Year Five only
Menu and food composition (same as the cafeteria, only different in size)


Main Cafeteria
For Year Six to Year 13.

Opening Hours:
09:50am to 10.15pm Snack time
12:05pm to 12:50pm Lunch

  • Snack time
    After snack time, the main cafeteria need to be cleared up and set-up for lunch.    
    All left over (except cold food) need to be transported to the kitchen. All trays            
    and cutleries need to be set-up before 11:30am.
  • Lunch
    Lunch at main cafeteria is about managing the one rush hour. Often   students  come at the same time, here the floor supervisor needs to organize the flow  and make sure that students do not need to queue more than 5 minutes. Food expeditor needs to refill all the food and make sure there is no menu item runs out too quickly.

    Food Composition at Lunch:

    • Daily Salad must be available for students.
    • Oriental main course set menu*
    • Western main course set menu*
    • Soup of the day must be available every day
    • Pre-made sandwiches with different type of fillings using variety of breads.
    • Fresh subways are served and prepared on site at the Tuck Shop. Breads must be varied and cooked fresh daily in the school bakery kitchen.
    • Variety of fresh fruits must be available at all times.
    • Cookies: must be freshly baked and contain limited sugar amount, no artificial colour or any excessive fat and cream. No chocolate in any form of food in the BSJ cafeteria.
    • Vegetarian: many students are vegetarians. You should make every effort to offer a variety of vegetarian options.

Subway Breeze 
02:00pm to 05:00pm.
The food will available from Appetizer, ala carte menu, variety of bread and cakes.

Antipodean Café
Located in the new Secondary Library, Antipodean Café serves a variety of beverages and snacks.
Open from 07:00am to 16:00pm for the BSJ community.

Food Allergies

  • Please report to BSJ Health Officer if your children suffer an allergy and to which food.

  • Nuts are not allowed to be included in any cooked food.

  • Pork dishes will be labelled.

Throughout the school year, The British School Jakarta hosts numerous small and large events which may involve other International School.