- Swimming Programme


The BSJ School Swim Squad / PE Swimming / “Learn to Swim” all share a common philosophy: that swimming is a vital and necessary life skill that is essential to a child’s education and as such should be an enjoyable and safe experience.

The Swimming Programme at BSJ is committed to ensuring that all students participate in and experience a high quality swimming provision. Our qualified coaches work to create the ideal balance of swimming skills and water confidence in a safe and friendly environment.

The BSJ Swimming programme strives to achieve the following objectives;

  • Provide the highest quality swimming lessons / sessions
  • Ensure water safety at all times.
  • Teach the student to have an appreciation of water for enjoyment and respect for its dangers.
  • Provide socialization skills.
  • Refinement of swimming technique.
  • Establish skills needed to join a training squad.
  • Provide fitness for the body by developing muscle tone and endurance.
  • Provide elite school swim teams for Primary and Secondary School at BSJ.


Our Swim programme for after/before school and weekend operate by a school term basis usually 8 - 10 weeks and during the school holidays we offer intensive week programmes for squad swimmers who are prepared for our school championships and LTS swimmers who would like to improve their swimming skills further.

The Squad swimmers will start to their lessons from the very first week of the school term/s and after school activities will start in Term 1; 4th or 5th week, in Term 2 and Term 3; sessions will start in the 2nd week of the terms.

Saturday swim session will start in Term 1 for Squad swimmers in the 1st week and activities in the 5th week, in Term 2 and Term 3 will start in the first week. Enrolments will be in term 1 in the first 4 weeks of the term and in term 2 and 3 the enrolments will be at the end of the previous term.

The Squad/Learn to Swim is not open on Public Holidays.


Term 1:

  1. Wednesday, 19th August: Early Morning Swim Sessions start
  2. Saturday, 22nd August: Senior and Gold Squad swimmers’ session start
  3. Monday, 7th September swim activities start
  4. Saturday, 12th September: Saturday Swim Programme starts
  5. Saturday, 19th October: 10 and Under Swim Meet – 8 to 12pm (Approximately)
  6. 1st JAAC swim champ: TBC
  7. Secondary Swim Gala: TBC
  8. Friday, 23rd October: 11 and Above BSJ Swim meet (FOBISIA selections)
  9. Wednesday, 4th November: Year 5 and 6 Swim Gala – 8.15 to 10.30am
  10. BIATHLON: Sunday, 8th November
  11. Friday, 13 November: 10 and Under BSJ Swim meet 10.
  12. U15 FOBISIA GAMES: 13th to 16th November
  13. Saturday, 28th November: Saturday Swimming Programme ends
  14. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 4th, 5th and 6th December: 2nd International Invitational Swim Championship (SEASAC Swim Team event selections, U13 FOBISIA swim team selections and Indian Ocean All Stars official qualifying meet)
  15. Friday, 4th December: Swim Activities end
  16. Thursday, 10th December: Early morning swim sessions end
  17. MID TERM BREAK (Islamic Holiday): 10th to 18th October


Term 2:

  1. Tuesday, 5th January: Early morning swim sessions start
  2. Saturday, 9th January: Saturday Swimming Programme starts
  3. Monday, 11th January: Activities start
  4. Friday, 5th February: BSJ Swim meet (After school) Last qualifying meet for Indian Ocean All Stars swim champ
  5. Thursday to Sunday, 3rd to 6th March: SEASAC Swim Champ
  6. Wednesday to Friday, 17th to 20th March: U13 FOBISIA GAMES
  7. Aisan All Stars date TBC: It will be in the term 2 break.
  8. Friday, 18th March: Swim Activities end
  9. Saturday, 19th March: Saturday Swim Programme ends
  10. Tuesday, 22nd March: Years 3 and 4 Swim Gala – 8.15 to 10.30am
  11. Wednesday, 23rd March: Early morning swim sessions end


Term 3:

  1. Tuesday, 12th April: Early morning swim sessions start
  2. Saturday, 16th April: Saturday Swimming Programme starts
  3. Monday, 18th April: Swim Activities start
  4. Friday, 29th April: BSJ Swim Meet (Primary Fobisia swim team event selections)
  5. Thursday to Sunday, 19th to 22nd May: Primary Fobisia
  6. Saturday, 28th May: Invitational Swim Championship
  7. KS1 Swim Gala: 1st June – 8.15 to 10.30am
  8. FS Swim Gala: 2nd June – 8.30 to 10.30am
  9. Friday, 17th June Swim Activities end
  10. Saturday, 18th June: Saturday sessions end
  11. Thursday, 23rd June: Early morning swim sessions end.




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