BSJ competes in the FOBISIA (The Federation of British International Schools in Asia) Games in 3 age groups:

·       Primary

·       Secondary U13

·       Secondary U15

The competitions are multi-sports events:

·       Primary:        swimming, athletics, football, tee ball

·       Secondary:   swimming, athletics, football, basketball

These are number restricted activities with Primary events being Year groups (6 boys / 6 girls per Year 456) and Secondary events being a maximum of 18 boys and 18 girls.

It is an expectation at Primary that athletes take part in all events and in Secondary athletes take part in 2 of the 4 activities

BISJ is a member of the A2 group including:  

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We have put together the following information to give some idea of what the primary FOBISIA games are all about & also what the expectations will be if your son/daughter decides to take part.  Hosting for the Games for academic year is as follows:



The Primary FOBISIA Games are held annually, between schools in SE Asia – BSJ is part of the B division of 6 schools.

The Games allow primary aged children to compete in 4 sports (Football/TBall/Athletics/Swimming) & all children are expected to take part in all 4 sports in some capacity.  The ethos of the Games is competitive & all BSJ teams go with the intention of performing to the very best of their ability. At the same time, this is not at the expense of sportsmanship, fair play and an appreciation of the achievements of others.

The BSJ children are accompanied and supervised on the trip by members of the PE and primary staff from BSJ. Parents are more than welcome to spectate at the Games, although they are expected to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements, with guidance from the host school.

Training and development - clubs and activities

At BSJ, Primary FOBISIA is viewed as an extension of the P.E. curriculum in which all students can gain experience in the four sports in a social and fun environment. It is hoped that all children who attend will benefit as follows:

-       A chance to develop the skills involved in all 4 sports.

-       An opportunity to take part in fun activities with friends

-       A way to promote health and fitness through activity and sport

-       Developing team spirit and a commitment to learning together as a group.



The final amount payable will be fully inclusive of all transport, accommodation and food costs, as well as tournament fees & kit for all teams & travel. Costs for all FOBISIA trips are set by the host school & we expect this year’s to be in the region of $800. A final price will be given in term 3 nearer the time of the Games.


Selection of sports teams is always a contentious issue and one which relies on the judgement of the teaching staff based on what they see in the trials, PE lessons and practice sessions. This year the games are being held at BIS Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.  For each year group, all selection decisions are discussed and reviewed by all the staff going on the trip.

The aims of selection are to choose a competitive team in each year group, with equal consideration given to all four sports.

It is essential that all final team members must show competence in each of the 4 sports, as well as a high level of ability in one or more areas as indicated.

Selection Schedule:

Initial training squad selection – term 1

Initial selection for the training squads will be based on both performance in PE lessons in term 1 as well as in specific trials in each of the 4 sports. The training squad will be announced in term 1.

Final team selection – term 2

There is an expectation that all students in the training squad will attend 4 after school practices (for Athletics, TBall, Football & Swimming) –- per week, as well as some weekend practice events.

Only 12 students per year group – 6 boys and 6 girls - can be chosen to represent the school at the Games in May.