Student Well-being

At the British School Jakarta we truly believe that every child matters and we put well-being at the heart of all we do. We realise that success and happiness go together and that without one the other will not happen.

An important part of studying at BSJ is the tutorial guidance and support delivered by highly experienced staff on both a group and personal basis. All students have a form tutor who ensures they make the best possible progress. Students are placed into tutor groups which reflect a balance of gender, nationality and ability in line with the intake of the school. Students generally start each day with their tutor and this is the key contact person for parents during the school year. Tutors regularly discuss academic progress with their students and during the school year will set achievable targets which ensure that academic and personal goals are a focus. There will also be an opportunity each year for parents to meet with tutors and subject teachers to talk about the progress being made at school.

The tutors are supported by Year Leaders who have responsibility for the running of the entire year group. The Year Leaders are responsible for teaching Personal Social & Health Education (PSHE) to their entire year group. This course allows students to discuss a number of very important topics that are not covered in other areas of the curriculum. Year Leaders also run regular assemblies with their year groups and organise an annual Residential trip. Both of these serve to unite the year group and allow students to extend both their thinking and experiences.

At BSJ we are very lucky to have two full-time counsellors who are available for both students and parents. Appointments are normally 45 minutes in length and can be made directly via email or through the school’s medical room. Students and parents are strongly encouraged to use this service. It is much better to address a problem early on. We also value parents and students being as transparent as possible in sharing information with us - the more we know the better we can work with students and ensure that students are doing well at school.

The school offers a very wide range of extra-curricular activities and we strongly recommend that all students take part in at least one activity. As well as allowing students to pursue something in which they have a particular interest it also allows them to establish. The school also offers a number of leadership positions and students who take advantage of these opportunities normally feel a stronger link with the school community and are often the students who find most academic success. The Student Council is an active and vibrant part of the school and students have a very real voice in both the 8 members of the Executive and the regular members of the council. The House system also allows students to gain leadership experience, come together as a community and both organise and take part in a range of fun activities. Students are allocated to one of four Houses all named after Indonesian volcanoes. Siblings are always allocated to the same House. Each House is led by a member of staff and two Year 12 IB Diploma students.



Ian Paterson

Assistant Head Secondary - Student Well-being