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Hi, I'm Emelle!

I graduated in 2019 after 9 years at BSJ. Now I am studying Economics and Data Science at Claremont McKenna College in California, US.

Reach out to me by email to reconnect.


Hi, I'm Edward!

I graduated in 2010 after 13 years at BIS / BSJ. I went to University of Manchester, studying Human Geography (don't ask, seriously).

Now I'm living in Bali, working for our family publishing company Phoenix Communications. I am the Managing Editor of our NOW! Bali Magazine (@nowbalimag), writing stories on culture, travel and leisure on the island.

I still frequently go back to Jakarta as my family is still based there.

Looking forward to connecting to ex-BIS people! Reach out to me by email to reconnect.


Hi, I'm Charlee!

I'm from Melbourne originally, I lived in Jakarta from 1993-1998, moved to London for 2007-2011, and now live in Sydney.

I have so many great memories of BIS and the boarding house/Country Woods, and I'm grateful to have kept in touch with so many people I met at school so many years later that now live all over the world :)

Reach out to me by email to reconnect.


Hi, I'm Tim!


Graduated from BIS in 2000, after which I studied veterinary medicine at the University of Bristol, graduating in 2005.

I currently live in the west of Ireland, having open our own veterinary clinic!

Reach out when you're in town, or reach out to me by email to reconnect.


Hi, I'm Julius!

I'm Julius and I graduated from BIS in 2009. Currently, I am working and living in Hong Kong.

Reach out when you're in town, or reach out to me by email to reconnect.


Hi, I'm Rob!

My name is Robert Speirs and I graduated from BSJ in 2019. I am currently studying Business in Japan where I am also working various jobs to understand the culture and gain insights into the Japanese way of conducting business.

Other than work, I am also deeply passionate about community building such as this Alumni community! I look forward to connecting to you, either online or offline and I hope to see you in one of our events soon!

Please get in touch with me via LinkedIn or Instagram (@rsmspeirs) if you'd like to reconnect!


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