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Community Work

BSJ is a very caring community which is demonstrated in the wide variety of community work and projects that are undertaken across the whole school.

Students from as young as Year 1 all the way through to Year 13 work for the good of others. Service learning at BSJ is just that, it is an opportunity for our students to learn about need, to respond to it and to learn to be compassionate in their lives and future endeavours. Students work at all levels, with advocacy and direct learning both locally and globally.

Community work is not just focused on people but also on environmental issues and our students are passionate about making change to the world in their own different ways

Some examples include beach cleanups, turtle releases, solar panel development for charging stations and building a pre-school using recycled materials. 

Local community work is a weekly feature at BSJ and is central to the PYP, MYP, DP and CP programmes. As a school, we also value the wider community and respond to emergencies, disasters and immediate needs such as hunger caused by Covid19 restrictions. Our children work to widen their outlook and to respond to the needs, seeking the support of our generous community and the wider public to make a difference.

IB DP CP students visit a local shanty town
BSJ students receive and sort donations for Jakarta flooding victims

Students from the graduating class of 2020 were genuinely touched by their community work at BSJ. In their exit interviews, they explained just how their interactions with others in a caring capacity have changed their future plans, their outlook on life and, for some, even the direction of their degree. The BSJ Alumni continue the community spirit that they learned at BSJ as they work to develop change in the world in their new capacities as well as returning to school to share their ideas and to offer strength and advice to our current students.