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Primary Service Projects

'Society’ is an important aspect of the International Primary Curriculum.  Here at BSJ our aim is to make meaningful connections between our classroom learning, our local community and the wider world to support our children in becoming responsible global citizens. 

Recent projects have included the following:

Year One and Two children have been developing partnerships with the children from Sekolah Bisa, during our ‘Magic Toymaker’ topic. The children from Sekolah Bisa shared their skills with us and taught us how to make some fantastic kites!  In our Flower and Insects topic we decorated pots and sowed seeds, so everyone had their own pot to take home and grow something special. 

We all know that exercise is good for our hearts. So after learning about the heart in their topic ‘How Humans Work’,  the children in Year 4 ‘skipped’ classes to raise money for Yayasan Jantung Indonesia Foundation, to support children with heart problems. The hugely successful sponsored skipathon showed that exercise can be good for our hearts and the hearts of others too! 

When learning about rainforests in ‘Saving the World’ the children in Year 4 linked with the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, who gave a very informative presentation about these amazing animals.  The children used the knowledge they had learned and created posters to show their understanding and raise awareness of the dangers that the orangutans are in today.  

Making connections - during the Year 5 residential the children connect with a local village school.  They shared songs, played games and learned English and Indonesian together. 

Our Champions for Change in Year 6 visited Sekolah Bisa, to take on the role of teachers.  It was a day full of new challenges, singing and laughter and resulted in a deeper appreciation of the facilities we have at BSJ.  Later in the topic, the children organised their own fundraiser, raising money to continue to support the education of the children at Sekolah Bisa. 

Our After School Activities Programme also offers children the opportunity to learn about small things we can do that can make a difference to our world and people in our community.  

Children in our EcoClub have been busy designing eco friendly shopping bags and thinking of ways to be more environmentally friendly around school. 

Global Goals Explorers in Key Stage One offers children the opportunity to learn about the Sustainable Development Goals and what we can do to support these. Our request for health products such as soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste and shampoo promoted a great response and we were able to support the secondary CAS Project in producing many, many Health Packs for children. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of all the donations and delivered the packs over to the IB Centre on our bikes. It took a few journeys!  We also invited Pak Adimas to our session one week to talk to us about the Sekolah Bisa Project. We learned about how the school was designed and all the amazing things they do. Pak Adimas admired the 100 square in our classroom - so we created one for the children at Sekolah Bisa.  As our Maths day was fast approaching, we organised a themed dress-up day to raise money to purchase more Maths resources for the school.  After learning about the Bulaken Shanty Preschool we were eager to donate books, we wrote to the school to request a donation and purchased some books to support the development of their reading skills. 

We know how small things can make a difference and can’t wait to get started on our next project!