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Wellbeing Symposium

The week of 28 November, the British School Jakarta (BSJ) is hosting a Wellbeing Symposium on their campus.  The theme of the symposium is ‘Why Wellbeing?’ 

As education refreshes, re-starts and reboots after the pandemic, wellbeing is more important than ever for school communities. Why? Wellbeing at BSJ is about learning the science and the systems so that we can improve as individuals and how that generates a positive environment that harnesses the very best holistic education in schools. 

As a school we are immensely proud of the work and partnerships we have forged with the guest speakers who will work with our community all week. With all of them on campus, it is going to be a fabulous week. We look forward to seeing you at the session on Monday.   

Plenary Session for the Community: The Power of Wellbeing & Compassionate System for a Community (Monday 28 November, 4.00 PM - 5.30 PM)

Parent Session: The Why of Wellbeing as BSJ (Wednesday 30 November 2022, 8.00 AM - 9.00 AM)


Meet the Speakers

Coming out of the pandemic, this is a time when any educational establishment needs to focus on their care of the community; its Wellbeing, hence the strapline.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to BSJ campus