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The BSJ Podcast

Welcome to the British School Jakarta (BSJ) Podcast!

The BSJ Podcast is a show centered around all topics related to international education, from current hot topics such as online learning or the impact of the Covid19 pandemic to broad and general “burning questions” that parents and listeners might have.

You can listen to it right here, or download it from any of your favourite Podcast platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, etc...

Episode List

  1. "Readers are Leaders" with Gabrielle Wong (BSJ Head of Libraries) - April 2021
  2. "Choosing the right university for YOUR child" with Regina Tantri and Lauren Morries (BSJ University Counselors) - September 2021
  3. "Who could you become? The Manchester City FC and BSJ Partnership" with David Butcher (Principal of BSJ) - October 2021
  4. "IBCP at BSJ: Pathway to your Passion" with Daniel Harbridge (IBCP Coordinator) - December 2021
  5. "Meet our Aquatics Director, Martin Vogel" - March 2022
  6. "Athletic Excellence at BSJ - the Swim Programme" with Coach Martin Vogel - March 2022