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Episode 1: Readers are Leaders

In this episode, hosts Chris and Jo sit down with Gabrielle Wong, BSJ Head of Libraries, to talk about the importance of reading for a child's intellectual and emotional development, and how to encourage children to develop a love for reading.

Show notes

  • The average person reads 2-3 books a year, the average CEO reads 50-60! How many books does Gabrielle read? (03:10)
  • What does a school librarian do on a normal day? (03:45)
  • Why "reading" is different now than before (04:50)
  • Is there an ideal age for children to discover reading? (06:20)
  • Is it ok for children to read only comics and fiction? (07:30)
  • Why children often read the same books again and again, and why not to be concerned about that (09:45)
  • The value of reading comic books (11:05)
  • Is it ever too late to develop a love for books and become a reader? (13:00)
  • The one thing that will most determine whether children will love reading (15:00)
  • Is it important for parents to read the same books as their children? (16:45)
  • Should children read in the language of their school, or their native language? (20:00)

Links and References

  • The Kids and Family Reading Report: