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Episode 2: Choosing the right university for YOUR child

In this episode, hosts Chris and Jo sit down with Regina Tantri and Lauren Morris, two of BSJ's University Counselors, to talk about the importance of choosing the university that is right for the personality, passion and strengths of your child, instead of blindly pursuing universities and subjects based on their ranking or reputation.

Show notes

  • "Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success." But what is success really? (00:22)
  • Introduction of Regina and Lauren (01:00)
  • A noticeable difference in expectations in Asia compared to Europe and the Middle East (02:15)
  • Why the pressure is less in the UK (03:15)
  • To become successful, you need to know what makes you happy (4:10)
  • How your university counselor can help you to determine what your measurement of success could be (5:35)
  • Why students and parents should not feel limited to "traditional" degrees and courses (8:00)
  • How the counseling process works (9:00)
  • BSJ students do not only go to UK and US universities (10:30)
  • Self discovery and thinking about university destinations begins as early as Year 9 (13:55)
  • Why the IBCP programme could be the ideal fit for you (17:05)
  • The 5 IBCP pathways available at BSJ (19:00)
  • The IBDP and CP have more in common than you might think (21:00)
  • The IBCP doesn't limit your choices after graduation (24:30)
  • The IBCP is gaining traction with students and universities (27:30)
  • Key takeaway 1: explore your values, interests and self to determine your best fit (29:00)
  • Key takeaway 2: keep an open mind on subjects, universities and destinations (30:10)


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