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Episode 3: Who could you become? The Manchester City FC and BSJ Partnership

In this episode, hosts Chris and Jo sit down with BSJ's Principal David Butcher to dissect the backstory to the exciting partnership between the school and Manchester City Football Club, and lay out the grand vision

Show notes

  • A partnership almost two years in the making (2:30)
  • What is BSJ getting from partnering with Manchester City Football Club? (4:00)
  • Why this partnership is completely different from the franchise model that other European football clubs offer (5:00)
  • How this partnership will benefit all students (6:10)
  • How this partnership will benefit the public community around us (7:30)
  • How this partnership fits into the new holistic academic model of BSJ (11:20)
  • Implementing the Man City way at BSJ - it's not just about football! (15:00)
  • The Man City way is embedded in our Head - Heart - Self - System philosophy (20:00)
  • Students will have not one, not two, but three amazing opportunities to experience football the Man City way (22:50)
  • The public MCFC BSJ football school is for everyone (24:20)
  • BSJ is bringing the MCFC experience to the community in Bintaro and beyond (27:30)
  • How the partnership could pave the way for your child to become a footballer (29:10)
  • The partnership is not only with Manchester City FC, but with the entire City Football Group (30:30)
  • Coming out of the pandemic, innovation and being unique are extremely important for schools (35:00)
  • Get ready: the Head Coach is coming! (37:00)
  • The tables are turned: what do Chris and Jo think of the MCFC partnership? (39:59)
  • Even Kevin and Riyad are happy about this partnership! (45:25)


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