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Episode 4: IBCP - the pathway to your passion

In this episode, hosts Chris and Jo sit down with our Assistant Head of Secondary & IGCSE / IBCP Coordinator, Daniel Harbridge, to talk about the IB's Career-related Programme (IBCP), how it's different from its older and more well known "big brother", the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP), the various options or pathways that we offer at BSJ, and most importantly, who should consider the CP for their last two years at school and beyond.

Show notes

  • How today's education system allows students to choose and follow their passion early in life (1:30)
  • Daniel Harbridge, IBCP Coordinator at BSJ (2:00)
  • The IBCP started at BSJ in 2019, and is still growing in options and popularity (2:40)
  • BSJ offers the most extensive and comprehensive IBCP in Indonesia (3:30)
  • What actually is the IBCP, and how is it different from the more well known IBDP (4:20)
  • IBCP allows students to develop both academic and hands-on skills (5:10)
  • Since 2020, we have five different pathways for students to choose from (6:20)
  • The IBCP lets students experience university-level teaching early on (7:45)
  • The "Core" curriculum is developed specifically for the needs of the pathway (9:00)
  • All IBCP graduates of BSJ so far have gotten into the universities they aimed for (12:20)
  • "If you're passionate about a particular area, why not start now?" (13:30)
  • Education is not about filling the bucket, but lighting the fire (16:30)
  • One of our partners, Savannah College of Art and Design, has won several awards for its way of working with IBCP students (18:00)
  • Many other unique opportunities are available to the students through our partner universities, such as Emry-Riddle or I3L (22:00)
  • Can students still change their chosen pathway later on? (26:00)
  • Why choose BSJ for the IBCP? (27:50)
  • As a school, we always choose our partners based on the interests of the students (30:00)
  • Doing the IBCP gives students a head start in several areas compared to their peers (33:00)

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