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Episode 5: Meet Martin Vogel, BSJ's Aquatics Director

In this episode, the first of a two part episode, hosts Chris and Jo sit down with our Aquatics Director and former South African national swimmer, Martin Vogel, to talk about his background and learn more about the unique skill set and experience that he's bringing to the BSJ swim programme at every level.

Show notes

  • BSJ has excelled at swimming in recent Indonesian competitions (1:20)
  • Swimming has always been a part of Coach Martin's life (2:30)
  • At 14, he specialised in swimming (3:00)
  • Coach Martin chose swimming as a means to represent his country as well as pave the way to a top class education (4:01)
  • How he came back from a career-threatening double surgery to set the university 200m butterfly record (5:00)
  • The highs and lows of his athletic career helped him to become a world class coach (6:00)
  • The importance of playing multiple sports when growing up (7:20)

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