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Visitor Guidelines

Welcome to the Manchester City Football School

British School Jakarta is committed to ensuring the safety and security of every student coming to our campus, so that everyone can enjoy the best learning environment possible. As this is our utmost priority, there are several protocols that you and your child(ren) need to be aware of and adhere to:

Security Protocols: Entering the Premises

  • Vehicle check at point of entry

  • Temperature check (you may remain in vehicle)

Visitors are prohibited to enter should they have a body temperature of more than 37.3 degrees Celsius or display any potential Covid19 symptoms (cough, sneezing, etc).

Dropping Off & Picking Up Students

  • There will be a dedicated parking area available for MCFS at BSJ. Please follow the instructions of the security personnel to the designated drop off and parking areas.

  • No waiting in the drop off and pick up lane is allowed. (Our security officers will allow a short duration of waiting of 1-2 minutes). This is to ensure that we have no traffic congestion for drop off and pick up.

  • Players shall be picked up immediately after the training session (latest 6.30pm), as there is no supervision past this time and children may not remain on campus or by the field unaccompanied


No idling is allowed, all engines must be turned off when parked to avoid any unnecessary air pollution that will impact the air quality for outdoor sports.

COVID-19 Protocols

Guided by the recommendations from the Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC) and Ministry of Health, the British School Jakarta COVID-19 Taskforce has put in place multiple safeguards to enable a safe environment on our beloved Campus.

Peduli Lindungi

You are required to scan the QR Code available through the Peduli Lindungi Application. You will only be admitted to the premises if your code shows a green status.


All visitors aged 12 and above are required to present proof of (at least) double Covid19 vaccination in order to enter the premises.

Rapid Antigen Tests

All visitors are required to present a proof of an institutionally administered negative Rapid Antigen Tests (e.g. test centre, school, etc) before entering the premises. The test should be taken maximum on D-1 prior to entering.

For a faster and smoother process, if possible please email us your test result latest by 2pm on the day of the training session to

Link to full BSJ COVID-19 protocols (here)

Safeguarding Protocols: Entering the Field of the MCFS@BSJ

  • Peduli Lindungi, Vaccination status, and Antigen test result will be checked by our Staff

  • Only two accompanying adults (parent or guardian) or siblings may enter the Astro Field facility with each child

  • Toilets and washrooms to be used are located next to the Astro Field

  • There are toilets designated for adults and children, use only the correct toilet

Note: if you (or your driver) does not intend to enter any campus facility or area other than the car park, and remains in or by the vehicle the entire time, no proof of vaccination or negative Covid test result is required.

Rain storm and lightning

  • When a lightning warning is on, or when told by the Coach or any BSJ staff, all activities will be stopped and everyone is required to seek cover immediately. 

  • In case the session cannot be held on the Astro field (thunderstorm, heavy rain, hazardous air quality index), BSJ will provide an alternative indoor venue. Therefore, please ensure your child always carries both football boots as well as indoor sports shoes with him/her.