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Innovation and Learning Technology

At BSJ we see technology and innovation as essential and central components of our learning experiences. Technology will have a huge part to play in the lives of our students and we think it is imperative for us to ensure that students know how to use technology safely, responsibly, creatively and innovatively.

We aim to take advantage of all the possibilities technology offers us with ubiquitous access to devices and connections for all age groups and all areas of the campus.

Teachers carefully plan for the integrated use of technology within the students’ learning to take advantage of the opportunities technology has to enhance learning. We believe that the use of technology is not to replace learning activities, but to enhance them so that learners are learning in ways that they were unable to before.

Our younger students have iPads supplied and managed by the school allowing for a mobile and flexible approach to learning. Older students have family owned MacBooks or iPad Pros which give freedom of choice to our students as they become more conversant with the tools they use. These more powerful tools are also able to support our students as they create artifacts of learning such as their own media, apps and multifunction digital creations.





Our Approach

For a detailed insight into our school download this interactive book and immerse yourself in our story as we share how we inspire, challenge and nurture our community as we learn together. 

Find out how we develop our environment, our leadership and our strategies as we continually innovate with technology to ensure our students are ready for the world they will live in. Discover our vision and philosophy, explore the culture of our school and experience examples of some of the amazing things our community achieves.

If you have an Apple device you can download the multi-touch book from the iBooks Store. Alternatively, you can click this image below and download the book here.

Device provision: We believe that our students are best able to learn and our teachers best able to teach, when they have reliable and effective devices to use. For that reason we use Apple hardware which gives us consistency and excellent opportunities to be creative.

The table below outlines which devices are used for which age range.

   Age Group        Device                         Ownership               
   4-6 year olds    Shared iPads    School
   7-11 year olds    1 iPad per child    School
   12-18 year olds       1 MacBook or iPad Pro per child       Family (or rented)

Since the innovations in iPad Pros and the iOS offer more opportunities for creativity, we are moving more towards iPad Pros and away from MacBooks for the older students. Please contact us for more information on this before acquiring any device for your child.







Expertise and Recognition

To ensure our students are getting the best support in their learning with technology we have considerable expertise within our staff. We have developed a designated Innovation and Learning Technology team made up of specialist coaches and innovative class based teachers. This team offers extensive training opportunities for staff and supports teachers and students in all areas of technology use.

Within our faculty we have an ever increasing number of Google Certified Trainers, Google Certified Innovators and Apple Distinguished Educators which ensures our staff have access to considerable expertise on a daily basis. We also have a large number of Google Certified Educators and Apple Teachers who have demonstrated their comprehensive understanding of the tools we use every day. The majority of our faculty have Common Sense Educator status in recognition of the support we give our students in digital citizenship while a number of others are recognised by various software providers for the innovative use of their tools.

Our IT Services team is comprised of  experienced technicians and network managers who ensure that our infrastructure, devices and network provision are leading the way, not only in Indonesia, but for any international school in South East Asia.

The British School Jakarta has also been recognised as an Apple Distinguished School since 2016. Apple Distinguished Schools are “centers of innovation, ​
leadership, and educational excellence that use Apple ​
products to inspire creativity, collaboration, and critical ​
thinking. They showcase innovative uses of technology in learning, teaching, and the school environment and have ​
documented results of academic accomplishment.” (Source:  “Apple Distinguished Schools Program 2019 Handbook”).

For our dedication to ensuring that families are supported and informed on the responsible use of technology and that students are supported to be safe, responsible digital citizens, we are also recognised as a ‘Common Sense School’ by Common Sense Education.